COVID-19 has caused a range of disruptions for businesses and employees, leaving many workers looking for new jobs or considering a career change. As an industry leader in recruitment, Acara Solutions India is here to support job seekers who might need assistance during this difficult time. We’ve assembled a few tips for job seekers to find and land new positions during the Coronavirus pandemic.

  • Get acquainted with virtual conferencing programs:

Businesses that are still hiring are utilizing video conferencing programs to conduct interviews. If you’re looking for a job, download the commonly used programs to get familiar with them. Make sure your laptop or tablet is compatible with the platforms that companies are using to speak with job seekers. You can learn more about the top video conferencing apps here.

  • Connect with your current colleagues online:

Your network will be immensely helpful in finding a new job. Reconnect with colleagues on LinkedIn to let them know you’re on the job hunt. You can even post to LinkedIn and other social media announcing that you’re looking for new opportunities. If members of your network don’t know you’re looking for something new, they can’t help you. So, be sure to let your connections know you’re actively applying to new positions.

  • Get the right equipment to look for jobs virtually

During the COVID-19 epidemic, you’ll have to be prepared to look for a job exclusively through virtual methods. This means being prepared to participate in video interviews. Make sure your laptop or tablet is equipped with a high-quality webcam. Ensure your internet connection can support video chat functionality. Test your equipment prior to an interview to ensure everything operates smoothly.

  • Make the most of your free time:

Take advantage of this time at home to fine tune a number of items critical to a successful job search:

  • Update your resume.
  • Tighten up your LinkedIn profile.
  • Stay educated on your desired industry – read articles and stay aware of important trends.
  • Study best practices for acing a video interview.
  • Read about the companies you’d like to work for. Learn about what makes them different and stay informed about their operational status.
  • Learn new skills through online courses.
  • Stay in contact with your professional network.

We understand that the current situation is unpredictable and unsettling. But, many industries are still hiring, and with the right attitude and information, job seekers can find positions that enable their personal and professional growth. To find positions that are currently open, register on the Superior Jobs India website. Additionally, you can find more job seeker tips and information on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.